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Image 90 Limited

18 - Dec - 2014

High Quality Ceramic and Glass Transfer Manufacturer


Welcome to our website

Professional Ceramic Decal Services

We are established ceramic transfer manufacturers producing high quality decals for china, porcelain, earthenware, glass, tiles, enamelled copper and steel and just about anything else which needs decoration and can be kiln fired.


Based in Stoke-on Trent, the traditional heart of the ceramic industry, we are well placed to provide a prompt, reliable service to all our customers. We can offer cost effective solutions to meet customer's requirements, whether it be for just one sheet or for thousands of sheets of ceramic transfers.


Image 90 Limited has the experience to produce transfers utilising the latest technology whilst retaining all the traditional skills necessary for the production of the most challenging domestic tableware and hotelware patterns.


So if you are looking for a ceramic transfer manufacturer in the UK with several decades of experience and a reputation for quality and service at competitive prices, please try Image 90 Ltd.

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